Visa Information For Turkey Visa From Palestine

Visa Information For Turkey Visa From Palestine

Transit Visa for Turkey

Passengers who are not exempt must get a Turkish transit visa when traveling through Turkey to their destination. Most foreign tourists have the option to apply for a transit visa online in Turkey. On the contrary, individuals desiring to exit the airport and discover the city briefly must acquire a visa. Passengers staying in the airport's transit area do not require a visa. It is quick and simple to fill out and submit the Turkey e-Visa Application Form, allowing for easy application for a transit visa to Turkey. People who meet the Turkey e-Visa requirements can complete an online application from their home or office.

Required Documents for Turkey Transit Visa

  • A valid Passport having validity of at least six months after you enter Turkey.
  • A valid Email address to receive notifications and the approved eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkey eVisa fees.

Enter Turkey with Schenegen Visa

Turkey, an intriguing country that welcomes the majority of people from all over the world, acts as a link between the Eastern and Western worlds, combining colors, cuisine, and traditions in one location. Turkey is a favored tourist spot due to its convenient position in Europe. The Turkish government has recently simplified the process for tourists holding valid Schengen visas to get a visa to visit Turkey. If you're thinking about traveling to Europe and have plans to visit Schengen countries, you may be questioning whether a Schengen visa is required. Those with a Schengen visa have a couple of choices. However, numerous travelers are not informed that these advantages reach further than just the European Union. Turkey is one of the countries that offer special access to individuals with this type of visa.


The Visas are designed for individuals from non-EU countries who wish to work, study, or reside in the EU for a long duration or a brief trip. It allows tourists to move around and stay in the other 26 member states without a passport, and also to either reside or stay temporarily in the relevant country. Schengen visas are official travel permits granted by Schengen EU member countries. Every Schengen nation issues visas following their own specific national rules. Schengen cardholders can also apply online for visas to non-EU countries such as Turkey. During the application process, the Schengen visa is normally supplied alongside a valid passport as a supporting document.


  • A valid passport: Must have over 150 days left before expiry.
  • Valid supporting documents: Such as Schengen visa
  • A valid email address: To receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • A valid credit or debit card: To pay for the eVisa fees.
  • Onward travel information

Turkey Visa from Palestine

The application form for a Palestinian visa to Turkey can now be accessed on the internet. Tourists from over 150 nations can currently submit online applications for Turkish visas. The most convenient choice for Palestinian tourists and business travelers is the Turkish visa. As a Palestinian citizen, you have the option to request a six-month single-entry visa to Turkey for either tourism or business purposes. You are allowed to remain in Turkey for up to thirty days. Palestinians have the option to request Turkish e-Visas, which is the fastest and most convenient method for getting a visa. The Turkey e-Visa allows entry only once and remains valid for a period of six months (180 days) starting from the day of application. Palestinians holding an electronic visa are allowed to remain in Turkey for a maximum of 30 days. Palestinian citizens who intend to study or work in Turkey, or who intend to stay in the country for more than 6 months at a time, should go to the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate and apply for a visa suitable for the purpose of their trip. Tourists and businesspeople can get Turkish visa from Palestine online. To be eligible, they must meet all Turkish e-Visa requirements. With the eVisa system, travelers can apply in minutes and receive an approved visa within 48 hours. 


  • A Palestine passport with a minimum validity of 150 days from arrival in Turkey
  • An active email address where notifications and the eVisa will be sent.
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay for the eVisa fee.

Avoid Rejection of Turkish Visa

Visas are granted by the Turkish government to foreigners depending on their reason for visiting and where they come from. Travelers going abroad, for either tourism or work purposes, receive an electronic visa. You have the option to submit an online application for a Turkey e-Visa based on your nationality. Most visa applications are accepted. Yet, there are several reasons why your visa application could be rejected. Usually, the officials do not give a reason for denying the visa. Visa refusal might devastate your travel or business plans.

Why was my Turkish visa rejected?

  • You may have an expired visa. 
  • It is possible that the purpose of your trip does not have an E-Visa approval. The electronic visa allows you to travel for tourist, business and transit purposes. If you are traveling for other reasons, you may need to apply for a visa at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. 
  • Providing incorrect information about your application or failing to submit all of the documentation required for your application. 
  • No precise information in your application, e.g. the reason for your visit to the country, the conditions of your stay and how you will support yourself financially. 

How to avoid Turkish Visa rejection?

An alternative is to resubmit a visa application through the internet, rectifying any mistakes in the initial submission. Those who rely on their partner for financial support need to show a marriage certificate to confirm their marital status. Alternatively, you might need to provide evidence of your current job status. Make sure to have all the necessary documents with you to avoid making extra trips. If you possess all the necessary paperwork, you could potentially obtain your visa on the very day. You can submit a new visa application 24 hours after being denied. If all of the facts are correct and there are no additional requirements, you could receive your visa within three days of submitting your application.

Turkey eVisa

Turkey plans to receive tourists from all corners of the globe by 2024. People from more than 100 countries are eligible to request a Turkey e-Visa. The e-Visa for Turkey is an official government authorization that permits entry into the country. Turkey e-Visas can be used for transit, tourism, and business purposes. To travel to Turkey, most nations mandate a passport that is valid for a minimum of 5 months. Travelers who are eligible can now submit an online application for a Turkish visa and stay in Turkey for a maximum of three months. Individuals from qualifying nations have the option to submit an online application for a Turkish e-Visa by completing a form. The e-Visa is now used at border crossings in place of the old "sticker visa" and "stamp type" visas. Travelers with a valid passport from any of the authorized countries are eligible to apply. The length of time a visitor can stay in Turkey with an e-Visa depends on their nationality: single or multiple entry visas are issued for 30, 60 or 90 days. All entries must be made within the validity period of 180 days. eVisa for Turkey, eligible travelers only need an internet connection to complete their application. The application is 100% online. 

Types of Visas

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Education Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Transit Visa


  • A valid Passport from an eligible country must be valid for at least 60 days beyond the duration of the stay.
  • A valid Email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the eVisa fees.

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